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Chanel Shaba
Chanel ShabaPresident & Founder
NMLS #1069963
Steven Suolaka
Steven SuolakaLicensed Lending Officer
NMLS #2345400
Emil Kogan
Emil KoganLicensed Lending Officer
NMLS #2301696
Natalie Sitto
Natalie SittoProcessing Manager
NMLS #425760
Jumana Tolla Yousif
Jumana Tolla YousifLicensed Lending Officer
NMLS #2102604
Sal Nissan
Sal NissanLicensed Lending Officer / Commercial Lending Broker
NMLS #1957038
Lance Seba
Lance SebaLicensed Loan Officer
NMLS #2172833
Armond Ohan
Armond OhanLicensed Loan Officer
NMLS #540169
Alec Haddad
Alec HaddadDirector of Sales
NMLS #1626991
Jawad Ayoub
Jawad AyoubOffice Administrator

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Deadlines? We got this. With proven turnaround times at lightning speed, we know the process like the back of our hands and can go through the mortgage journey with you within 2 weeks or less – we match your pace.

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As we focus on redefining the standards in the mortgage industry, we’re set on providing top-knotch, quality, customized, and modern cloud-based technology and marketing support at all times.

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Our lending agents have access to brokers across the country to help you network, build, and achieve your success.

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